Our research has changed the world. And that's no exaggeration.

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Building on our rich heritage of groundbreaking discoveries - including the LCD screen you’re reading this on - our research tackles big challenges, whatever, or wherever they may be. Our research makes an impact on lives globally, every day and our current research portfolio spans everything from health to habitats, food to flooding and supply chains to slavery.

We are a top UK 50 institution for research power as announced in the last Research Excellence Framework and we continue to build on this by investing heavily in our researchers from the start of their journey at PHD through their early career and beyond, nurturing and promoting excellence every step of the way.

Our investment in our facilities continues, making it a fantastic place to study, work, collaborate and make connections.

Partnerships with business, with other academic institutions, and with Government and NGOs play a big part in our story. We embrace and thrive on collaboration, knowing that it is at the heart of innovation and our partnerships work to create solutions to a wide range of challenges, through our people, through our research and through our expertise and world-class facilities.

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